Fargo INC Editorial Calendar

Fargo INC! 2019 Editorial Calendar

* Note: The editorial calendar is subject to change. 

State-wide Fargo INC
For the first time ever, Fargo INC! will be mailed to every business in North Dakota. We will be addressing the workforce shortage problem and how some businesses are creatively solving this problem.

My First Job
We will talk to notable people in the business community about what their first job was and how it helped make them who they are today.

Women’s Issue
In a partnership with United Way’s 35 Women Under 35, we will meet some of the women involved with that program and also talk with some women business owners.

Professionals of Color
With the Chamber’s new Professionals of Color program, we will be meeting several of the individuals who are getting this off the ground and finding out why this is an important program for the FM business community.

A look at some of the businesses who are in the 21st century and the steps they are taking to keep up with changing technology.

What actually is culture? Well, these local companies got it figured and here’s how you can too.

Sales/Marketing issue
In the world of marketing, there is an endless list of questions and a few concrete answers. We will talk with experts to try and clear up some confusion.

Building Fargo
As new businesses pop up throughout the community, what does this mean for the FM business scene?

Fargo Goes Global
There are many Fargo companies who do work internationally. We will meet several of these businesses that are making a difference on a global scale.

The Story of a Startup
Follow along with us as one local entrepreneur takes us through the day to day struggles of running his business over the course of an entire year.

Veteran’s Issue
There are 2.52 million businesses in the U.S. that are owned by veterans. We will take a look at some of the local companies that are owned by people who served our country and are now serving our community.

Why I chose Fargo
A look at businesses who moved their headquarters to Fargo-Moorhead.